When people think of the hair industry, African-Americans, East Indians, and Chinese are the first ethnic groups to come to mind. No one ever connotes Brazilians with the hair extension industry, unless they are talking about sold hair extension hair types. But with the introduction of Hair Brazil to Georgia Avenue in Wheaton, Hair Brazil is re-shaping perceptions of those who work with hair extensions.

Romulo Oliveira is the proud owner of Hair Brazil, which opened three weeks ago in Wheaton. Oliveira chose the Wheaton area due to the high volume of Brazilians living in the area. Hair Brazil is a hair extension store that sells a variety of hairstyles employing Oliveira’s own unique form of hair pieces creation in a Brazilian fashion that he has been using in Brazil, Europe, and the United States for the last 20 years. This is what Oliveira hopes will set his store aside from competitors.

“We only work with human hair, “said Oliveira. Whereas many hair extension stores sell synthetic and human hair together, Hair Brazil only sells authentic human hair that is not treated with any form of chemicals. This is a distinguishing factor because Oliveira said, “You can find many stores here who say they are selling human hair, but it’s not 100 percent human hair; it’s synthetic hair.”

Oliveira developed his own treatment for the hair he works with that uses heat as a means of treating the hair instead of chemicals. However, with a higher standard for product quality, customers can expect to see higher prices.

On average, the hair pieces sold at Hair Brazil cost between $120-160. Hair Brazil hair pieces cost more, but customers are guaranteed of the quality of their product due to prior treatment that the hair goes through and the fact that Oliveira and his wife custom make the items and Hair Brazil has a production team of individuals who are knowledgeable of Oliveira’s hair extension technique in Silver Spring.

Every member of Oliveira’s productions team goes through a two-to three month process in order to learn Oliveira’s technique so that they are able to make the hair as if he or his wife were making the hair. Also, all employees must sign a contract with Hair Brazil so that they do not steal Oliveira’s technique, truly making Oliveira’s store one of a kind in its field.

Examples of Hair Extensions sold at Hair Brazil

Examples of Hair Extensions sold at Hair Brazil

The attention paid to detail by Hair Brazil workers’ and the technique they use account for the high prices. However Olivera said, “You can reuse the hair and the benefit is much better than synthetic hair.”

 Due to the fact that Hair Brazil does not use chemicals on their hair extensions, Oliveira said that is what makes it possible to reuse the hair. And if anything, he felt that an individual ended up saving money because they were able to reuse the hair.

The science behind Hair Brazil’s technique is a secret Oliveira would not share. However, it is clear that Oliveira, his wife, and production team have been developing this method long before Hair Brazil’s arrival in Wheaton.

“Before coming to Wheaton, I was in Newark, N.J. and before that Brazil and Italy, “Olivera said. In addition to working internationally, Oliveira operated a well-known hair extensions production company in Rio de Janeiro. “Our company was very well known and we worked with big Brazilian soap opera stars,” said Oliveira.

Oliveira brings a wealth of experience to his latest Hair Brazil location in the United States, which he hopes will help him to open more Hair Brazil locations in the United States.