Basic Triangle Bang


Basic Triangle Bang
Size: 7″ – 8″Inches


Tread Type *



Bangs are not just for those experiencing hair loss. It is a very fashionable item and it can be used as an accessory to make a beautiful woman look even more beautiful. You can choose from some types of bangs and customize it to suit your demands and make it the way you want it. To style the bang and brush it the way you’d like, it is better to wet it.*

(Bangs are usually used when a person does not have enough hair on the front of the head to make a good finish. Sometimes people do have enough hair, but it’s long, and they do not want to cut their own hair to make a bang, so this piece would be ideal for them. Since they are made of real human hair they are very versatile and can be combed and fixed the way the person wants. To style the bang it is recommended to wet it so it can be even more flexible and more easily styled. )

The picture only illustrates the type of thread of the hair not the size and not the color.


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