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Curly by Hand



 -Volume, comfort, lightness, length, quickness. Easy applying and unapplying by the own user are the main characteristics of the “Fast Clip”.
          -This hair has the most volume together with the “Coarse” type. This hair is a curly hair but not naturally. It passed through a process to become the way it is. It is important to remember that no chemical materials were used to achieve the curl it has. After sometime of use the curl will begin to fade away (3 to 4 months). There are cases of customers that used this type of hair for 10 months or even more than a year. The time will depend on the way you take care of it. To make the curl last more it is recommended that you use a bit more conditioner than usually. It is also recommended that you use curl activator, avoid blowouts and comb the hair with the fingers.

          -Remember that we guarantee your satisfaction and do the best to satisfy your needs. All our hairs are really human and should be treated as human. Anything you do with the hair will be of your responsibility.
The picture only illustrates the type of thread of the hair not the length and not the color.


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