Full Lace Wig | Wavy


Full Lace Wig – Wavy
Length: 14″
Tread of Type: Wavy
Color: 11

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How to apply Wig (general):
Step 1: With the wig in the right side up position insert front comb (if applicable) into the hair, try adjusting wig on the sides.
Step 2: Push cap down and insert back comb (if applicable).
•If half wig, comb hair over to cover the front line of the wig and brush intothe desired look.

How to apply lace Wig:
Step 1: Put on wig and make sure it is set correctly around the hairline and aligned correctly on both sides of ear tabs.
Step 2: When it is a front lace wig cut the lace along the side of the forehead line, leave about 1/4″ -1/2″ lace. Cut from the bottom of one side to the center of the forehead and repeat from the other side. When it is a full lace wig you should cut around the whole head.
Step 3: Put wig back on. Make sure wig is sitting properly. In the majority of times the lace wig is applied with double face tape or special liquid glue, so it can adhere better to the skin. Apply some facial foundation onto the lace area for a natural look.
*Note: We recommend hiring a professional to apply the lace wig. Lace is very sensitive. lt can be torn when handled roughly.

Care and Instructions
Brush the wig starting from the tips and work your way up. Avoid starting brushing from the top of it and when washing, wash it right side up. When washing the hair with shampoo, conditioner, etc … , try to squeeze them;
don’t rub the hair into each other. Use products that hydrate, give shine and strength to the hair. To have a better result it is recommended to style the hair wet on a mannequin head or on your own head and let it dry naturally. You may style the hair using a straightening iron or curling iron. Real human hair does not stay still like synthetic, so styling is essential. You can also have a professional give the wig a haircut of your choice.
Remember that you are dealing with legitimate human hair, so it reacts as such.


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