Skin Weft Hair – Straight


Skin Weft Hair – Straight


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-Skin weft hair is a great alternative for those who would like to apply a quick extension.

-Skin weft hair is attached to a very thin transparent material PU (Poly-urethan coating).

-The time of the application is a lot less than many other methods and is also easier.

-Basically there are three ways to apply the skin weft hair:

1. One could use proper glue, and spread it over the weft part of the hair and simply apply to the scalp of the person. It could also be applied with the glue but instead glued to a person’s hair, by folding the extension around it, making a sandwich-like form.

2. One could do the same things mentioned above but only instead of the glue with a proper double sided tape. It will be hard for the tape to be noticed since it is also transparent, just like the glue.

3. The skin weft could also be used as a “fast clip”, the difference between using a normal weft fast clip and a skin weft fast clip is that the skin weft would be more delicate and also when one cuts the skin one does not have to finish with thread and needle.

-As mentioned above the skin part of the skin weft is hard to be noticed. When applied on the scalp it will give a great affect, it will look like the hair is actually growing out of the person’s head, giving the extension a very natural look.

The picture only illustrates the type of thread of the hair not the size and not the color.


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