Pair of Drawing Mats


Pair of Drawing Mats (35cmx9cm)

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This product comes in a pair.
It is used to hold the hair in place during applications.
It is also used to blend hair colors during applications.
It keeps the roots aligned and prevents the hairs from tangling.
Place one card on a table top with facing away from you.
Remove any bindings on the bundle of hair and lay on top of the card.
Make sure the top roots of the hair are facing you and the hair is evenly distributed on the card.
Lay the top roots of the hair 2-3 inches outside of the card.
Place the top card, with pins facing away, on the hair and push the card together.
The cards should close evenly with pins touching the other card or there is too much hair inside.
Place a 2-5 lb weight on top of the cards to keep it in place.
Now you can easily pull out the hair strands in the amount you want without tangling the remaining hair.


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